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Class Order Family Genus species Images
Species with an * have skeletal images (spicules and/or tissue mounts) available to view.

Dysidea etheria

Dysidea janiae

Dysidea? sp.

Pleraplysilla sp.

Ircinia sp.-"black and smooth morphotype"

Ircinia sp.-"creamy/dirty morphotype"

Ircinia sp.-"tigrina morphotype"

Ircinia campana

Ircinia felix -"brown, dark oscules, massive morphotype"

Ircinia felix -"whitish, dark oscules, sprawling morphotype"

Ircinia strobilina

Hyattella cavernosa

Spongia "obscura" -"shaggy"

Spongia "obscura" -"smooth"

Spongia "tubulifera" -"fouled"

Hyrtios sp.-"gray amphora"

Hyrtios cavernosus

Hyrtios proteus

Hyrtios violaceus

Hyrtios? sp.

Smenospongia sp.-"black massive"

Smenospongia sp.-"parrot green"

Smenospongia aurea

Smenospongia conulosa