• Location: Sweetings Cay, Bahamas

  • Habitat: deep reef

  • Photographer: Sven Zea

  • Picture Taken On: 2007-06-16 21:32:56

  • Picture Notes: Orange bushy branchelets in the center. Green sponge on t he left is Petrosia weinbergi

  • Color: orange

  • Morphology: bushy

  • Consistency: crumbly


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/Spicule Images/: a), b) Styloids at two different magnifications, with thinner, developmental stages tending to be styles; c) endings of spicules. Sample from the Bahamas.

/Tissue Images/: a) Perpendicular section at the surface; b) view of the choanosome; c) view at the surface; c) view of the choanosome. Sample from the Bahamas.