• Location: Islas de San Bernardo, Colombia

  • Habitat: rocky shore/shallow reef

  • Photographer: Sven Zea

  • Picture Taken On: 1983-01-26 00:00:00

  • Picture Notes: no image notes

  • Color: cinnamon-tan

  • Morphology: vase

  • Consistency: hard


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/Spicule Images/: a) Oxeas I with sterrasters; b) anysostrongyloxeas-oxeas II, c) enlarged tips of oxeas I; d) enlargement of anysostrongyloxeas-oxeas II; e) plagiotriaenes; f) enlargement of microscleres (rossettes of sterrasters on the bottom; spined asters in 2-3 types, oxyasters and strongyl- or oxyasters). Sample from Islas del Rosario, Colombia. Notice the larger and thicker megascleres and stouter microscleres in comparison to those pictured in a sample from the Bahamas.