• Location: Santa Marta, Colombia

  • Habitat: deep reef

  • Photographer: Sven Zea

  • Picture Taken On:

  • Picture Notes: Plate II, fig. 2 of Zea (1987), as Teichaxinella burtoni (reproduced here with permission from the Editor).

  • Color: orange-yellow

  • Morphology: bushy

  • Consistency: tough


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/Spicule Images/: Drawings of spicules and of skeleton of specimens from Colombia. a) Spicules of material from Santa Marta, styles I (short), styles II (long), and oxea; b) spicules of material from Gulf of Urabá, styles I (short), styles II (long), and oxea; c) longitudinal section of a lamellae, with the surface on the left (from Zea, 1987, figure 69, as Teichaxinella burtoni).