• Location: Florida, Biscayne Bay, United States

  • Habitat: mangrove/coastal lagoon

  • Photographer: Sven Zea

  • Picture Taken On: 2010-07-01 16:00:02

  • Picture Notes: The blue strip on top of the sponge is an unidentified sponge of the family Chalinidae (Haplosclerida). The dark brown lobes on top are the colonial tunicate Eudistoma hepaticum.

  • Color: brown

  • Morphology: massive

  • Consistency: tough


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/Spicule Images/: a) Oxeas I; b) anysostrongyloxeas-oxeas II, c) enlarged end of oxeas I; d) enlargement of oxeas-anysostrongyloxeas II; e) plagiotriaenes; f) microscleres (sterrasters, developed and developing; spined asters in 2-3 types, oxyasters and strongyl- or oxyasters); g) enlargement of microscleres (rossettes of sterrasters on the left). Sample from South Florida.

/Tissue Images/: a) Perpendicular section at the surface; b) magnification at the surface (above) and subsurface (below); c) magnification of the choanosome. Sample from South Florida.